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Perfect for me

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Perfect for me is the perfect song to sing with all of the windows down in a car full of your friends on a hot summer day. In it, Kristin talks about not letting a stupid boy get away with treating her like shit. She reclaims the power by saying "you'd be perfect for me, if I had no standards"

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Breakup Blues

Breakup Blues is Kristin's sophmore EP and it's one of her most mature, personal and poppy releases. Containing the singles "FUCKBOYS" and "What Would I Do Without You?" the EP deals with various emotions through the trauma of heartbreak and follows her on a journey to self acceptance and finding happiness through all the sadness. Although being only 20 years old her music is relatable to people of all ages.

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Kristin Sesselja is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Iceland.

Writing pop songs with a combination of catchy melodies and intimate lyrics, Kristin has created her own unique style of music which reflects her life and personal experiences.

Kristin has been writing, releasing and performing her music since she was 12 years old and since she covers topics varying from heartbreak, friendships and love to her relationship with herself, Kristin's songs are relatable to people from every generation.