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Meet Kristin Sesselja, the hyper-talented musical poet who, emboldened by a stream of rejection throughout her teenage years, is stepping into her own sense of woman with a huge heart and a lot of love to share. Her songs immediately evoke images we can all relate to - love stories fueled by heartbreak - yet injected with an emotional maturity this fiercely independent Icelander has cultivated since a young age. Steeped in romance, empowerment and personal (yet relatable) lyrics, Kristin Sesselja’s songs will strike a chord deep in your heart and soul. Her fellow countrymen already love her - Kristin was nominated for Newcomer of the Year in 2021 (plus numerous Nordic playlist features) and you are sure to fall in love with this young Icelandic lyricist. The second half of this year will have you crushing on Kristin Sesselja - keep an eye out for a new EP.

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